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Are Chefs Choice Sharpeners Good

We know how hard it is to sharpen kitchen knives with a manual sharpener. Every week, or more often, you need to gather all knives you have and start with a long sharpening process. It may take over an hour, if you have many knives, and all that time you have to be careful not to lose concentration and make the wrong move.

It's easy to cut yourself when there is no protective gear at all. But with Chef's Choice sharpeners, you have all the protection you need so the process of sharpening is safe, easy and fast. If you do not sharpen your knives regularly, you or a member of your family has a greater chance to hurt themselves.

Dull knives can cause injury because you will have to use more force to cut a certain item. More force equals less control. You really need to be experienced to use a dull knife for cutting and have a lot of control.

But you can avoid all of this by simply sharpening them regularly. It's better to stop the causes in the root then to heal the consequences later. Chef's Choice has great electric sharpeners that will satisfy some of your specific needs. We will review few of their products here so you can know what to expect and what your choices are. Model 130 is one of the best known and most used Chef's Choice knife sharpeners.

This little tool can be used for almost everything you need, it's a sharpener that can turn straight edge, kitchen and Asian style knives into razor sharp blades in a few seconds. You will notice that Model 130 operates in three stages which are clearly stated in its manual. The first stage uses diamond abrasives that roughly sharpens the edge.

In second stage, hardened miniature stainless steel creates a razor sharp edge with teeth. After that, the blade is polished to the hair splitting sharpness in a third stage. It's a process that takes good care of your knives and the elastomeric angle guides take care of your safety. The next model from Chef's Choice we want to talk about is model 120. This great sharpening tool is equipped with 100% diamond coated disks that sharpens the blade in first two stages and a polishing disk that takes action in third stage of knife sharpening. You will be very surprised at the results you can get with this electric sharpener.

The blades will be extremely sharp and ready for any task and you won't have to invest much work to make that happen. Besides these two models that are used for sharpening knives, there is a model 500 that is used for scissors only. You probably buy a new scissors when the old one gets dull edge, but with this tool you can save your money in the long run and you won't have to deal with lousy scissors every day. There is one little issue we want to talk about here because we think it's worth to mention it as a negative side of these Chef's Choice sharpeners. If you are too hasty, you can get your blades damaged. It is the false safety that can trick you into making a mistake.

If you handle the knife without concentration when sharpening, the blade may be damaged due to high speed and the strength of Chef's Choice sharpeners. So you will have to be careful when you sharpen your knives and learn how to do it properly. It is much easier then using manual sharpeners, but it will take some time until you get experienced.

If you want to read another review of a chef's choice knife sharpener or about manual round sharpeners, visit our knife sharpener blog.

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