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Tips About Renting a Residential Solar Power Unit Part

The average American has new solar rental services available that will produce renewable solar power from the sun. The rental options let people go green and save money by doing so. U.

S. homeowners who qualify (the steps that follow explain exactly how) can decided to have a residential solar energy system installed on a rental basis. A simple monthly rental fee, much like a satellite dish, is all that is costs to now go solar. To be Evaluated for a Home Power System: * Be the mortgage holder of a residential home, * collect two years of energy bills from your utility, * have a south facing roof line or good exposure to the sun, * complete a site inspection to determine location feasibility, and * have ability to wait about a year for your solar installation. Step One - Complete Home Feasibility Study A solar panel manufacturer is working to remove the barriers to wide-scale solar adoption in the United States. Its business model is to rent all of the equipment needed to power a residential home.

There is an energy auditing process and required feasibility study to better determine suitable locations. In some cases, homeowners wishing to have a system installed will not qualify. Below is the minimum requirement that you must comply with in order to rent a solar system. Step Two - Be the Mortgage Holder You must be a homeowner. Renters or those who lease their home are not eligible for a solar system rental.

However, renters and other homeowners do have the ability to purchase their systems out right from hundreds of solar manufacturers and installers. The point of this solar article is to highlight the steps and requirements process to enable the average American homeowner to rent a solar energy system not purchase one. Step Three - Retain Connection to Existing Utility You must be a current residential utility customer and you must maintain your interconnection with the utility.

If you fail to maintain your connection with your local electric utility, this may be grounds for default in the solar rental agreement, and your solar energy unit may be removed. Step Four - Maintain Telephone Line You must maintain a dedicated residential telephone line. Again, if you fail to maintain a connection with your local telephone service, this may be grounds for default. You have your solar energy unit removed. There are other options other hard, land lines such as Internet-based, WIFI phone services but it is often easiest and most cost effective to utilize a normal phone connection. Step Five - Provide Adequate Roof Space Your house should have a roof with enough space to accommodate the solar unit as well as have an unobstructed, south facing flat or sloped roof.

This may not always be necessary. However, in order to ensure that you are eligible, this prerequisite should be researched completely. Step Six - Live in an Area with Net Metering This solar rental program is presently limited to U.S. states that offer grid connected alternative energy systems. The service territory is defined by the regions that have enacted net-metering legislation.

Net-metering is the provision in many state laws that require power companies to give you credit for the solar power you generate through a solar power system. Net-metering laws do vary state by state. If is best to do some further research with your state government to ensure your state offers net-metering. Concluding Considerations & Tips * Research service availability and net metering laws for your state before you go to the trouble of reserving a system.

* There is a substantial waiting list of interested homeowners. A homeowner can request to have a site evaluation and suitability study completed if they wish. The actual system installations may be 1 or 2 years from the time of system reservation; if the above mention prerequisites are completed.

At Solargies, our goal is to spread the adoption of renewable energy. Daniel Stouffer is a freelance writer and solar energy consultant. Solar electric system rentals allow homeowners to upgrade to solar power without the upfront system purchase. Learn more home solar energy at: => http://www.Solargies.com/Rethink_Solar.htm

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