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Bissell Floor Cleaner

We should say that this steam mop is one of those great products that you get surprised with. Especially if you saw it on infomercials and thought some really bad thoughts about it. Most stuff that are on infomercial have a serious flaw but there are some products that are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. It turns out Bissell 1867 is one of those magnificient products.

There were people who had distrust towards this Bissell floor cleaner, but once they tried to use it, their attitude changed completely. This particular appliance will stay in your home for a long time and will clean your floors with efficiency and ease. Whatever type of floor you have, linoleum, tiles, marble or vinyl - Bissell 1867 will clean it. One of the greatest advantages of this steam mop is that you do not have to drag a bucket of water with you, and making sure that water is hot and clean all the time. The water you will use with this steam mop is already inside, in the container that you fill with tap water when it is empty. All you need to clean your floors is right there in the Bissell 1867.

When you fill the tank with water, you have to wait for three minutes for heater to heat up the water and then it's ready for cleaning. You can release the water with the trigger that is on the handle of this steam mop. The water will last about 20 minutes, and then you will have to refill the tank again. This is all the work you will have to do while cleaning. Those 20 minutes are just perfect, because you can take a break to rest a bit for a minute or two.

When you start cleaning with Bissell 1867, it's important to go slow. The water that comes out will kill all the bacteria on the floor, so it is better if you go slow and let the hot water do its job. Also, you will not have to go over that area again. One time you pass it with steam mop, it's clean. We have to say you won't have any problems going slow with Bissell 1867 because it is very light.

If you ever used a vacuum cleaner, this will be a joke for you. You will only have to worry about the cord and how to position yourself so that it doesn't get in your way. But you we already know that, we all used vacuum cleaners, right? What may surprise you further is that this steam mop doesn't use any chemicals. There isn't any solution you need to sip in the container, the floors will be perfectly clean after you clean them with hot water and mop pads.

You will also be able to clean tile grout, without help of a solution of some sort. One thing you will have to take care of are mop pads. They need to be washed after you finish your cleaning. Also, when they get worn out you need to buy new one.

And that's about it. It can't get any easier then this.

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