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Irish Wedding Favors Ideas For Your Big Day

The gifts you give your guests are a big part of the success of your wedding. This is especially true if you need a specific type of gifts such as Irish wedding favors. Luckily you have many options. The favors you give that are Irish will reflect the spirit of Irish humor, friendship, love and luck. It is traditional at Irish weddings to give your guests a handkerchief made of Irish linen or lace, plus the Irish couple will usually give a small piece of wedding cake in decorated boxes that have been marked with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Irish tea is another great idea for Irish wedding favors.

This is a great favor if you are going to have a wedding that is in the afternoon. You can also give iced sugar cookies or foil wrapped chocolates with the tea if you want to. Edible treats always make good favors for any wedding. You can get chocolates that are in the shape of shamrocks, celtic crosses or claddaghs. Claddagh is a classic symbol of love, loyalty and friendship.

It shows two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. Here are some other Irish wedding gift ideas that you can choose to use and what they convey to your guests. One: Plaques, picture Frames, candle holders and cups are often used as a symbol of friendship and love. Two: Shamrock is the Irish symbol that is used to represent the Holy Trinity. The three leaf shamrock is known to be sacred.

So you can always find shamrock favors such as pins, charms, a shamrock corsage or a small potted plant. Any one of these would make great Irish wedding favors for your guests. It is rare to find an Irish wedding souvenir that doesn't have the color green.

Green is the symbol of Irish solidarity and pride so it is usually always used. One of the more memorable wedding gifts that can be given is the traditional Irish blessing. Another one is to use small cards with a blessing printed in calligraphy with a pressed or artificial shamrock.

When you use Irish wedding gifts you will be giving your guests long lasting memories that they can enjoy and will remind them of your wedding day and loyalty of their friendship. There are so many different Irish wedding souvenirs that you can choose to use. Just make sure that you take your time in finding the right ones. Find the Irish wedding favors that will tell your wedding guests how much you appreciate them being with you on your wedding day.

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