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Playing Drums Ways to Change Your Mindset for Success

Do you realize if a new drummer has the mindset of never becoming a great drummer, he or she will never be a great drummer? Continuing to think the way youve always thought will keep you right where you are. You will never rise above the way you see yourself.

If you say you can, or if you say you cannot do something, youre absolutely correct either way. Most everything is a state of mind. Just like being able to play double bass is a state of mind, mastering all forty rudiments is also a state of mind.

You have to believe you can first do these things before you ever will.

Changing your mindset is absolutely necessary, and very simple. Here are three things you can do, right now.

1. Think in a positive light

This one is obvious, but the most difficult because it has become such a habit. You may not even realize how negative you are! The best way to become more positive is to make yourself accountable to someone you trust. Tell them you want them to let you know the next time you say something negative, or when you say you cannot do something.


Change your associations

Remember, I just said make yourself accountable to someone you trust? Do you have someone in your life like that? If not, you definitely need some better friends.

Heres the facts. In the next five years you will be the sum total of the people you associate with. You have to decide who you have to cut off in order to move ahead with your drumming, and your life in general.

I know that sounds harsh, but you can still love them, but from a distance. Now, find some people who can inspire you. Whether you find them in books or in Internet forums, it doesnt matter.

Just get around some positive. You have to surround yourself with winners to create positive changes in your life.


Repeat affirmations to yourself

Think of a list of positive things you can say to yourself everyday. For example:

~ I choose to practice my drums everyday
~ Im getting better and better everyday
~ Im on my way to becoming a great drummer

Be careful of saying things like:

~ Im a master at playing double bass (when youre not)
~ Ive mastered all forty rudiments (when you havent)
~ or anything else you simply cannot believe right now!

Youve got to tell yourself things your mind can grab a hold of in the moment!


You cannot change what you dont acknowledge, so think about your current level of drumming and take ownership for it. Once youve owned up to it and have admitted to yourself that no one has held you back more than yourself, youll experience a type of freedom that will propel you on to becoming the great drummer youre capable of becoming!


About the Author (text)Danny Brown has been drumming since 1976! Subscribe to his Free Newsletter and learn the mental aspect of drumming! Find out what it really takes to truly be a great drummer...

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