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What Women Really Want From Men

The big question all of us men want to know about women because then we can know what to do and when to do it. Though if we could predict what was going to happen with women it would be good for the first couple of months but it would get boring after a while wouldn't it? I have asked several women what they want from a guy or what they are looking for in a man and every single woman that I have spoken to have responded to me by saying "I want a guy who can be my best friend and lover" and "I want a guy who I can have fun with and is not so serious", "I want a guy who has a direction in life and knows where he is going." If you want to know what women want then the simple way to find it is to ask and you shall find out and though every woman is unique and different so each one is looking for a real man.

Women want a man who is a leader in his own life they are naturally attracted to this quality and they want a man who can take them on the journey in life. Women want to be their own leaders in life but they want to be lead by a man at the same time. As a man it is your role to play this part in the woman's life, as the world evolves and times change so do era's and it's not like 10,000 years ago when a cave man would just go find a woman and use his club to knock her unconscious and then take her into his cave. Women want and desire a man and think that they are becoming extinct as time goes on.

They are starting to believe and accept that men think with just their head down stairs and are no challenge. What women want from you is to be a man and to have a direction in life a "life purpose" or at least to know why you are here in the meantime on this place called earth. Women want you to be that man who can make decisions for himself and does not seek approval from other people. Women want a man who can make women keep guessing and never know what is going to happen next. As long as you have a woman guessing the attracting will always be there but the day that the woman figures you out is the day the attraction dies and the relationship starts to decline.

Women desire a man so much that they ever wonder if they are going to meet one, which is how rare they are. Women have endless options with men and women have the power to have sex with any man that they won't because which man would not want to have a sex with an attractive women. Even though women must put you through those tests and games to see if you can keep and hold your composure for as long as you are together. It is your role as a man to play this part in a woman's life and if you choose to not accept it then there are other men out there that will accept this role and take those beautiful women away from you in life. Copyright (c) 2007 Ignite.

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